What do I do if my filling falls out?

When part or all of a filling is lost there is direct access into the tooth for bacteria to enter.  Without treatment decay can grow and cause the tooth to become infected. It is best to replace the filling as soon as possible. 

If there is pain and you cannot make it into our office right away, you can buy a product called temporary lost filling and loose cap repair. This will help with the sensitivity from hot and cold food until you can get in for treatment.

Do not to delay dental treatment! 

A filling usually falls out due to decay present under the filling.  

This decay needs to be removed and the tooth sealed with a new tooth colored restoration before problems arise.

A filling is always less expensive in the long run then delaying treatment and paying for a root canal or tooth extraction later.

If you lost a metal filling rest assured that we will not put that kind back in. We do not use  "silver" fillings because they contain 50% mercury. 
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